New Improved Design!

Thanks to all who gave constructive criticism that led the new Floss Friend! In the world of product design, customer feedback is the best information to improve the design of a convenient oral hygiene device. The new Floss Friend flossing tool allows the use of your choice of floss or dental tape while adding a new floss tensioning feature in the ratcheting tensioning knob. This assures proper floss tension as the floss is coaxed in tight gaps between your teeth.

The new folding floss fork is made of food-grade biosafe plastic which also serves as a bumper to assure the soft landing of the flossing tool on opposite teeth when retracted. When folded, the slim profile also allows free shipping via postal service in the continental US.

All components of the Floss Friend are easy to clean and dishwasher safe at low temperatures. I hope you enjoy using this device to encourage more frequent flossing and better dental health!