About "My Floss Friend" Dental Flossing Tool & How to Use

My Floss Friend is a durable, polished stainless steel flossing device that will last a lifetime.  The surface is polished to remove any imperfections where bacteria can hide while remaining easy to clean, corrosion free and dishwasher-safe.  Just cut a 20" [500mm]  length of your favorite monofilament, woven floss or dental tape [not included] and insert it in the device by folding the floss in half and hooking the loop over each of the two grooves on the forked end.

Loading floss onto my flossing tool

Guide the floss around the outside of the tool and in the corner floss guides.

Loading floss onto my flossing tool
Then while holding the two ends of your floss together, place the slot of the knob over the floss.
Loading floss onto my flossing tool

Finally, insert the knob into the hole at the end opposite the forks and give a twist.  No knot is needed to securely tension the floss. The amount of floss is roughly the length needed for the wrap-around-the-finger method, but if you're really trying to be frugal you can tie a "surgeons knot" in a length of floss and advance it a couple of inches after every use.

Loading floss onto my flossing tool

The 7-inch [178mm] overall length allows reaching the back molars, while the distance between the tines are designed for a grown adult. 

Stop using cheap disposable flossers which are not designed for proper reach or angle anyway.

Stop using a relatively expensive holder with disposable [and expensive] inserts.

Stop putting your hands your mouth!!  You're a grown adult!! There are dozens of floss types out there and you can use your favorite.

Overall dimensions of the flossing tool is 7" x 1" x 1".  Product weight is 14 ounces. Delivery will be made by US Postal Service. Shipping included for the continental U.S.  Email me for shipping costs to other countries. Package will be a 5" x 9" mylar envelope and shipping weight is 16 ounces.